Experimentation, fun and fulfilling!

There’s nothing like good old fashioned creativity…

it’s like woah! and you get all proud of yourself like you actually did something

completely CrAzY and the world will now be wowed by your creative genius.

or NOT.




It’s still a shiiteload (Proh-Nouhn-ssd: Shyte lohd) of fun.

(I’m giggling at my own moronic behavior…sad.)

So here’s my little short story about work.

E. N. J. O. Y

Kymlee at Work: By the creative inner workings of Kymlee;

Killing time, always fun, except for when you have too much time. Then it’s just normal. and boring.


Young and qualified, you’d think I would be doing something incredibly important for a job….

Music is probably the only thing about an occupation of mine that’s “special” or remotely cool…

Literally, I sit on my BAdonkAdonk (haha)…

Every day, and do nothing… it’s actually



This little story is going to show you exactly,

What it is that I do

Obsessively every ridiculous day as a

Receptionist for my

Kewl.. (yes, kewl cause I couldn’t think of anything else so shut up…) company!




17 thoughts on “Experimentation, fun and fulfilling!

    • well thank you! haha, I’m actually a musician, but I work to pay the bills as a receptionist slash security for an engineering plant.
      I love writing, but I love music more, so normally all of my creative work goes into songwriting and music composing, writing is a hobby. :) thanks for your comment!

    • haha I don’t know if I have the patience! Plus, I might write some very weird content, which I don’t think will benefit anyone aside from, well, me. <3

  1. “Hi, I need an I.D. made. I was told to see you to get one.”

    “Umm, yea. Small problem. Camera is full, and I haven’t published it to my blog yet, so can you just come back tomorrow? Kthxbye.”

  2. BAH! I will hear NONE of it! At least you have people about you! I have to sit six hours of my shift a night at that desk, Without the computer! (someone never gave me the password *cough*), only my phone (god i love that phone), and my radio without which I would have gone homicidal months ago! And what do I have to break up the monotony? A 15 minute walk around the halls once an hour and an occasional pop outside for a puff! And the best part? They Pay Us For This! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • I KNOW RIGHT! I shouldn’t complain about easy work, but my brain is literally dying. If it weren’t for this site and our morning conversations on life purpose haha I would already be a veggie table.

      • two words. Audiobooks. Well, ok, maybe it’s one word really. You see, our awsome and soon to be world dominating phones (I’m considering selling my soul to Google for a NexusOne), those great and fun little toys of ours… They’re pretty much mp3 players too, hook up the headphones and chill with a book between calls.

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