True Depictions: Imagination into Visualization

So I have a friend and co-worker who has been designing websites and graphics for companies, for a long time. He and his team have recently decided to branch out into their own business as well, and I must say, after seeing the website I was thoroughly impressed by their ability to code and design. I have always found it amazing how some people have the ability to use computers, logic and still be insanely creative. I am plugging my friend’s link because I truly believe his work is amazing, and that if any of my lovely readers decides to pursue the True Depictions services, they will be satisfied.

I never endorse what I don’t like, so everyone should take a gander over at

and look at the designing and coding skills that make this designer stand apart from the rest.

“Our team of design engineers and artists provide 3D CAD modeling, rendering, and
graphic art services. We can develop full, photo-realistic scenes from 2D layouts or
even from a simple hand-drawn sketch. We are experienced with power plant layouts,
residential housing, retail products, and medical devices. We are always excited
about taking on new assignments that broaden our skills and flaunt our talents.”

Excerpt taken from

They also specialize in unique photo shopping skills for your company or personal logos, or normal photo editing.

Feel free to contact them using their site contact page,

and also here:

True Depictions, LLC
923 South Main Street
Bellingham, MA  02019

Office Phone: (508) 883-4685

This endorsement is not compensated and is strictly my review and opinion on the webpage. Refer to Copyright and Disclosure pages for details.

With business on the mind,


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7 thoughts on “True Depictions: Imagination into Visualization

  1. Your welcome Kymlee, always a pleasure to find a new treasure online i`ll tell you the competition is fierce not
    to mention that there’s so many scammers and cheats online. Making it really hard for anybody to think about using a new person or company.

    Best thing your friend can do for his business and talent( if their not already in the process) is create
    a portfolio and legit refference base. Maybe do a few projects pro bono *shrugs* basically whatever can be done to get his name out as a well known entity for all the right reasons.

    • you’re absolutely right. That’s the best way, plus word of mouth is the strongest form of advertisement, so that’s my usual rule when it comes to starting out.

  2. That Lion Logo is great!, design and coding is a brainbuster and those who have mastered it even a little bit are geniuses. It can become a pricy game though alot of designers “claim” things took this amount or that amount of time, not saying its not time consuming because it is BUT in all actuality it did’nt take as long as many claim it does.

    We are in need of another designer because our current one has a full load already and my skills are extremely limited. Most definatly will have Swaggtalk100 checkout your friends site because he would like what he see’s. Your a cool lady Kymless this is selfless post remindindg us to give a shout out here and there to friends by showing support to them.

    • Thanks for checking him out! I hope Swaggtalk100 likes him. I really want to help my friend get some online help and since my network is more established than his right now, I thought the best thing would be to interlock network systems to help him with traffic and business. Marketing 101 right :)
      Thank you for the kind words as well Webmistress. ♥

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