Verdict is in, it’s Miss Scarlet with the candlestick in the …..

when there are so many words floating around, how do you pick the best possible ones?

You know, as much as I adore writing (therapeutic for sure) I actually enjoy reading more.

I was wondering how writers find the inspiration to keep going when writing novels. It’s amazing to see some of the most talented writers create worlds apart from this one.

I was thinking about my dream house the other day while watching some HGTV house show with my hunny.

I want a library. Yes I’m talking an old fashioned, fireplace and large spiral staircases and the ladders that roll down shelves, something like the game of Clue kind of library. With window seats and old and new books everywhere. A Steampunky version.


I love books. It’s so nice to just sit down and read and get lost in it. But then sometimes, it makes the real world seem so dull.

In conclusion,

I’d love to hear some interaction. If you could have a library, what kind of books would you fill it with, and do you have a favorite book or author or genre?

With love and eager anticipation for your answers,


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8 thoughts on “Verdict is in, it’s Miss Scarlet with the candlestick in the …..

  1. I’d LOVE to have a house with a huge spiral stair case and a marvelous library. I would also need a terrarium, because my plant collection will eventually out grow my house. And I mean that literally.
    I currently have four book shelves in my room. What can I say, I love books. At least I did. I can’t seem to get back into reading them. Whenever I try, I manage to get sidetracked. More often than not by my own imagination.
    Forgive me for not commenting. I started following your blog about a month ago, and read through things every once in a while, but never bothered to comment.

    • thats sounds wonderful. omg, I watched “Meet Joe Black” last night (one of my favs) and I totally forgot about the amazing library in that movie! I want one just like it. Sigh…. and no worries, comment when you wanna, there’s no requirement. I always appreciate the ones I get. So thanks for the readership and the comment :hugs:

  2. I would love to have a library, a room with enormously overstuffed settes and an open fireplace, with one wall pure windows so I can look up from a great story through the transparency and let the images play out in my mind.
    But! Ain’t gonna happen! Maybe when all of my kids are gone, I’ll turn one of their rooms into a library…
    In the mean time, I’ll settle for shelves and shelves of books, they’re bloody everywhere! As I’m writing, I’m looking around and there’s at least two books on every surface.
    Authors who I will always pick up without question are Wilbur Smith and Bryce Courtenay. I also like Sarah Dunant and secretly adore JKRowling. For the most part, I prefer to read stories filled with experiences, rather then say, a murder mystery or a story that’s based around one event and its climax and conclusion.
    Like Mikey, I also love the classics. Starting with Aesop, those are words to live by.
    As I told Shauna Daucus in her new bookclub, I frequent the used bookstore in our town and leaf through random books looking for foodstains. That’s how I judge a good read…food stains are proof that the book was so good, the reader truly couldn’t put it down. Nothing says a good read better then a peanut-butter thumbprint on page 285!
    Thanks for a lively topic, Kymlee!

    • lol thanks for the reply! I just love the coziness of a library, and to have your own! That’s awesome. Like a private getaway.
      oh and I UN secretly adore JK Rowling :) I shall try some of your authors on for size as well.
      Aside from fantasy books, my next fav is books about true epic stories like “Night” by Elie Wiesel.
      That was an amazing book from Elie’s point of view going through the Holocaust as a Jewish Child.
      Very heartwrenching.

      I also have a passion for books that turn into movies. I pretty much have to watch a movie if it’s based on a book. So strange.

      also, I LOL’d IRL about the peanut butter thumbprint. Good point though!

  3. Though I began my love of reading with comics, science fiction and adventure stories, I eventually grew to love Classics, Literature, the REAL DEAL best. Those are the ones I can read over and over, and find something new and worthwhile each time.

    So my favorites are Dickens, Twain and Shakespeare, though I also love Cervantes, Poe, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Flannery O’Connor, Faulkner, Orwell, Salinger, O. Henry, Maugham, GB Shaw and a few poets including ee cummings.

    We had a huge library. Floor to ceiling shelves of beautiful wood. It was just what you would have liked, Kymlee. However, we lived near the ocean and the books got moldy. We spent hours cleaning them with bleach, and finally gave up and donated over 20 boxes to a local library.

    Now we just keep a treasured few. The rest live at Public Libraries, which I still love going to, and in cyberspace.

    • :) I wish I actually knew more about the “Classics” I never really learned in high school and haven’t yet had the opportunity to pursue secondary education.
      (sigh) but alas, I will try. Maybe I will look up some of the authors you have mentioned!
      I am a bit familiar with Shakespeare, Poe, Dickens, Twain and Hemingway just for mandatory literary studies in high school.

      For me, I prefer fiction and fantasy. I love being able to imagine a world outside of ours, what could happen there. I’m like a little child in that aspect!

      Sounds like you had a great library!!!! I’m jealous. Someday. sigh.

      I do love public libraries though, the architecture is always AMAZING in the few I’ve been to.
      Thanks for the feedback iMikey!

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