Letter to myself- 23 yr old to the 13 yr old

So I was on the typology forum today and I saw this thread about what you would say in a letter to a ten year younger you. Here’s mine. If any one else is inspired to do this, please do because it actually made me think about a lot. :)

Much love!

Dear Kymlee,

You are 13. I am 23.
You are about to meet a woman who will change your life forever. Listen to her, Respect her, and try to be like her. Also, don’t exclude Mom. She loves you just as much and wants you to succeed in life. Tell her she’s a good mom, tell her you appreciate her, and do it often (and mean it!!!)

Everything that’s happened this far, is not your fault. You are going to have a very good relationship with your family when you’re older. Just move forward, and it WILL get better.

Also, you will go through some heartbreak when it comes to guys.
But not until you’re about 19. So stay strong in your belief and keep yourself throughout high school. Trust me, you will be happy you did.
When you meet the first Mark, be wary of him, but whatever happens, will teach you an important lesson.

Don’t over think anything I’m telling you. Just do me a favor and don’t beat down on yourself so much. That will end up hurting your progress in life. Please continue to help people, never give up. This is the virtue that gets you really far in life.

When you make that crazy career move out of high school, keep your confidence high, you’re going to make it. This job is going to change some perspective. Oh and do yourself a fav, don’t flaunt your choice too much even though you’re proud of it. Some people will take it the wrong way. Listen to your boss. HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S doing. ALSO, ALWAYS CHECK THE BACK SEAT FOR WEAPONS!!!!! especially when you’re putting people back there. Repeat this OVER and OVER and OVER till you get it through your thick skull. (smile)
After you’ve been a bit established in your career, you’re going to meet a man named Nate. You will fall in love. After he cheats on you the FIRST time, Leave him. He is going to do almost irreparable damage to you if you don’t. When you leave him, go visit your aunt and cousins in Hawai’i for awhile. Learn what you have to and leave. Spend time with mom when you get home. Build your relationship with her. NOT A SURFACE relationship. And spend more time with your siblings. Also, make sure you watch out for your sister, because she’s in need of a “cool” mentor.

Work on your music. You’ve had doubts, you’ve been unsure if this is the right thing for you.

Above all else, treasure your body, your mind, and your heart, and do NOT let anyone make you feel worthless because you’re not.

You will meet someone who loves you very very very much, but you have to love yourself first, and in order to help him love himself and to give him everything he needs, you need to be an example.

Love your life, learn from everything, write write write, and sing your heart out. Everything will be ok!

I love you (me)

Kymlee- at age 23

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12 thoughts on “Letter to myself- 23 yr old to the 13 yr old

  1. Hello! It’s my first time to visit your site. And i love it. Love your theme and the quality of every content to have it here. Fresh and new ideas and thoughts. Thanks for sharing your quality of time and effort for making this.

  2. Should’nt be the other way around? The 13 yrs you writing to the 23 yr old you because the younger version is ensightful, doudtful and anxious to know what the future holds, all the tears and boyfriends, jobs andd pressures of the “adult life” so surely your 23 yr old self would’nt have to much to say to a 13 other than you love her and to watch out for boys lol

    • you know, I wish I had thought about it when I was 13, but I was going through a lot of stuff back then. everything I wrote to myself, was pretty much the things I did anyways, but I did want to warn myself of some of the dangers I could have avoided. Regardless, what I went through made me the person today so no regrets. :)

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