Sometimes a girl just needs a small ice cream cake…

So today was strange. At work, it was pretty uneventful, until I got to break down the door to the office ninja style (without any damage I might add because I’m that cool.) Then I left work, and all of the sudden I was really irritated with life and people, even though I was my normal bubbly okay-with-the-world self at work. I chalked it up to hormonal imbalance and went home, watched John Carter, (by the way, why did that movie get such bad reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the imagery was stellar…) then left to get dog food. At walmart. Where pretty much all the stupid people convene. Then I got into the line where the garden center is, because it’s usually the fastest and was closest to where I parked, and this little 97 year old woman was manning the register. There were 2 people in front of me, one with like 15 items and the other with 1. The poor lady took about, no exaggeration, 23 minutes to get the first lady out, and the second guy took like… 8 minutes. At first I was annoyed, but then I looked at this lady and I felt sad. I wondered where this lady’s family was, or husband… Why should she have to work at her age, she seemed so fragile. She should be happy in some form of retirement right now, not working a register with impatient customers. So I brought my dog food up to her and talked to her and smiled and laughed and told her to have a beautiful day. She got all funny/snarky and said, “oh I will, when I get outta this place…. oh boyyyy!” Gotta love that spirit. Kudos to that lady, and to all those other elderly people still working. I wish you didn’t have to work, wish you could be on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun and the tropical temperature.

Anywho, back to my point, which is that this day was strange. Awash with several emotions, happy, content, annoyed, impatient, guilty, loving, caring, hopeful, and then all of the sudden, very sad. I got home and made dinner, and then I started feeling very sad, for unknown reasons… Just a wave of unwelcome ugliness. So I left the house, I needed to get out, to breathe. I took a short drive, threw on some tunes, rolled the windows down and just drove. I happen to do this from time to time, I don’t even know where I’m going usually, I just drive. So I ended up crying, and then pulled into a park and watched a local little league play baseball with all their parents around cheering, for like 10 minutes, then I went to the supermarket to pick up paper goods before heading home again. While in the store my sadness waned when I saw the dessert isle.

Which brings me to my next point. About an hour ago I was here in my room, browsing the internet, laughing at stupid people’s stupid actions and eating a mini cupcake sized carrot cake, and a Carvel “Lil’ Love” ice cream cake…



I’m so disgusted with myself. 

Well, to be honest, I didn’t get through even 1/4 of the carvel cake before I wanted to throw up. Then my hubby came upstairs and laughed at me, stole some cake, then took it to the freezer shouting to our roommates:

“DO NOT EAT this cake I’m about to put in the freezer, it’s Kym’s PMS cake and if you eat it she will dismember, eviscerate and castrate you in one swoop dudes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

So I guess today has been a pretty strange day, as far as normal days go. You may run from this blog screaming “too much crazy!!!” now, I understand.

With love and a slight hormonal imbalance…


6 thoughts on “Sometimes a girl just needs a small ice cream cake…

  1. Oh Kymree I wuv you. You and your carvel ice cream cakes and me with my boyfriends Ben and Jerry. Together we can conquer the world….or at least launch one hell of a food coma

  2. I must say, as a fellow Walmart employee… you look forward to the end of your shift. An sometimes you look forward to indulging into something sinful afterwards..a lot (which could be booze for some and unhealthy but yet dreamy desserts for others!). That place is not easy to work for, lol. Yet, I must say, my hormonal inbalance just leds me to shop in the ice cream aisle and getting a few one pint of ice cream, lol! Thank God for gym membership!!

    • that’s what I’m saying… but I’m still disgusted w/ myself. That was entirely too self indulgent. le sigh. :D thanks for stopping in !!!!

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