She who is Wise…

                                                      I desire the gift of Wisdom…


You know that old biblical story about Solomon who was given the opportunity to ask God for anything, and asked for wisdom and discernment to be able to govern his people? That story always resonated with me, and I’ve been asking for wisdom for many, many, many years because the story pairs logic and desire to be a great, (note GREAT not just good), person. Despite the things that have happened in my life, I have desired wisdom in all choices and in all paths I’ve lead. Unfortunately, as a person lead by her heart and by her innate desire to escape from looming dissatisfaction, I’ve found it exceedingly difficult to live a life that is full but also one that is wise.

As human beings we all falter, we cannot expect ourselves to be perfect or expect this from others. What we can expect from ourselves and others, is to be completely honest with what that still small voice is saying within us. Consistently we allow other people to impose their will on our own behaviors, on our own desires and goals, aspirations. We allow society, or even smaller family units or close circles to dictate how we should live our lives. About what is acceptable to desire, what is unacceptable to do and to say and to think.

Were we not given our own minds? Were we not born first as a free man? Before the world sank its talons into our minds? For even a split second, weren’t we without identity from a government, without a name, without anything but the organs in our body, the steady beating heart of life, and the breath in that first mouthful of air? Before anyone decided for us, what we were to be, what we were to be defined as? Before we were classified as race, or color, or social security number?

We were free in that moment to be human beings. The only classification that mattered. 

Which brings me to the next point… Why do we allow ourselves to be herded like cattle. Why do we allow anything to dictate who we are but ourselves?! Yes, I’m fully aware that our life circumstances as children can shape our future. If our parents are crackheads, we’re going to have a harder life than a trust fund baby. I get it. What I don’t understand is everyone’s innate desire to control their children and stifle their ability to truly make up their own minds at what they want to believe. I DO understand the motivations of man, as in, I know why people do it… I don’t UNDERSTAND it though. It makes absolutely no sense to my mind that I should have any kind of say in what a person chooses to believe, or think about, or say, or do. My only stipulation honestly, is that whatever said people do, say, etc, does not impede upon the lives or welfare of others.

i.e. ; Rape, Murder, Theft, other violence…

This is where wisdom comes back in. I wish for the infinite wisdom to be able to guide people into being their own person. Into breaking the molds that have been set for them. Inspiring others for personal greatness, in whatever capacity. Also, to always have the wisdom to listen to my own voice, to be completely honest with myself so that I cannot to be mislead by others who would impose their will onto my life.

Freedom IS free…
You just have to be wise enough to hold onto it.

With all my love,


4 thoughts on “She who is Wise…

  1. Reblogged this on The Choice Factor and commented:

    A piece I wrote awhile back. This applies in professional direction as well as personal direction. Wisdom is key to success. Discerning the right time and place, the right actions… or whatever else the situation calls for. Wisdom is a lifelong ambition, you will be surprised when you’re finally considered someone who is wise…

  2. Hi Kymlee –

    Nicely expressed and written. So many times, I witness people merely repeating what they’ve heard others say. This play into their actions; merely mimicking what others do. We were all given our own intellect, our own decision-making abilities to reason out right from wrong…truth from fiction…and what is good or bad for us. So many people neglect to think; being a follower is a more simplistic option. Unfortunately, the masses are often incorrect. Why? No one stopped to think “who, why, when, where, what, how…?” Running with the herd isn’t always good for us. Thank you and happy Tuesday to you. :)

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