The most Cents…


Many people who know me, know that food ends up being the catalyst to emotion and inspirations in my life. To illustrate this for you I wanted to tell you a story. A few days back, while hungry and searching for a late night fix because I had spent all night at work again, I found my way to the largely unhealthy however, unbelievably satisfying, “Wendy’s.”




I drove my Explorer up the drive-thru lane and stopped in front of the menu, preparing to order. As I perused the menu, looking for something less ” immediate-heart-stopping-arterial-build-up ” to eat when a memory… a simple thought, graced the forefront of my mind. While the woman asking to take my order droned on in her uninterested monotone voice, I floated back, to this very same place, (albeit different drive-thru), years ago… 

A much younger woman, sitting in her little blue 88 honda that was on its last leg. She pulls up to the drive-thru menu, stomach making noises so loud that the person taking her order through the call box can hear. She looks at the menu to make her meticulous choice. Eat a 5 piece nugget, or a value chicken sandwich? Perhaps one small bowl of chili? How much is tax again? She looks in her purse for all of the loose change she can muster up. Ah ha! $2.57 with the dollar that she’s supposed to use for the toll. That should be able to get her at least one item… Maybe if she sweet talks the cashier, they may throw in a fry or something. She makes her order. Better go for the more filling value chicken sandwich, even though she really wants the huge crispy chicken sandwich meal, picture glowing like it’s from the heavens on the back-lit menu. I suppose she will have to wait until next week, when she gets paid again, to order something she really wants. She pulls up to the first window to pay, total is $2.07 with tax.

She counts out the money in change and looks embarrassingly at the cashier who gives her a knowing, sorrowful gaze. 


She hesitates in handing over the money for her paltry coup, but gives in to the rumbled pains in her torso…

She drives to the next window, picks up her sandwich, and pulls over to eat. She wonders if her life will ever get better than this. She wonders if she will ever be able to eat according to desire, not only out of necessity, without dependence on others. She longs for the day of real independence, of choice, and of personal and financial freedom. It seems so far away…

Back to the present, I quickly tell the cashier my order and pull up to pay. Grand total is $10.42 and I hand over my card without a second glance. I get my food, and pull over. I sit there and smile for a minute, as I pull out that very same Crispy Chicken Sandwich meal, the one I only dreamt of being able to afford once upon a time, and I savored the taste. I savored the taste of this small thing I had taken advantage of over the years. Going from a minimum wage worker, barely making my way through my adult responsibilities, to a career woman. A woman who wears stilettos and classic pencil dresses. A woman with a business card and a function. A woman who can pay all of her bills on time, and who has a savings account. A woman who is frugal but not stuffy. A woman who is able to enjoy going away for a weekend, or buying an expensive dinner now and again. A woman who works hard, and reaps the rewards when she deems necessary. Me… being the woman I wanted to be so many years ago, and now knowing that I ALWAYS had the moxie to be her. I couldn’t see her back then,



but I see her now…



With lots of love,



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3 thoughts on “The most Cents…

  1. So I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging for, o let’s just say years now lol…and I was like who do I know that blogs…Kymlee has one lol…originally I came over to see what platform you work with, but I came across this entry…and although I barely know you, I felt so proud reading this! You’ve come a long way and you just kick ass woman!

  2. Dear Kymlee, you are so beautiful… Don’t ever let anybody to put you in a cage… You are a free spirit, you are beautiful inside and outside! Make yourself loud and if you fall… stand up again, you Must be successful, I know it. Hope to see you again, under better circumstances. Send you all my love. B.

  3. Oh I LOVE this!! I am so happy you’re in such a great place! I’ve missed my blogging friends =) Things have certainly changed over the past several years for me. Anywho, great read!

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